5-10 km

Around Two Lakes

The route Around Two Lakes passes Lakes Pyhäjärvi and Elijärvi. The path winds through managed forests and along forest roads, but it also takes in Pitkäkallio, a small area covered by the old-growth forest reserves programme. The Kattilakallio potholes are also located along the route. In the summer, walkers can stop for a swim at the Valasranta beach.

The Lake Savojärvi trail

The Lake Savojärvi trail is the most popular route in the network. It is located almost entirely within Kurjenrahka National Park and, as its name suggests, it goes around Lake Savojärvi, in parts right along the shore and sometimes further away. The variety of marsh types to be found along this 6 km route is amazing, and the marsh sections have duckboards throughout. Along the way, the route also takes in gravel ridges shaped by the ice age and large islands populated by dark spruces in the middle of the marsh.

Rehtsuo Route

The newest route in the Kuhankuono network is the Rehtsuo Route. The route begins in Silvola at the end of the regional Föli bus line. And this is the key idea behind the Rehtsuo Route: it is accessible by bus from central Turku. From the bus stop, the route continues along Nousiaisentie for about 2 km until it turns left towards Rehtsuo. Rehtsuo is an exceptionally fine private marsh conservation area with a trail that partly runs along duckboards. Next to the marsh is the route’s resting place, the Perävuori lean-to shelter. There is a woodshed and a dry toilet near the lean-to shelter. From the lean-to shelter, the route continues alongside fields to the Jyrkkävuori forest road before the path turns towards Vahdontie. There is a bus stop at the end of the path to take walkers back to the city. The route can be followed in either direction: there is a bus stop nearby, where walkers coming from Turku can hop off and hike to Silvola.

Pukkipalo trail

The Pukkipalo trail is one of the most popular sections in the Kuhankuono network. And with good reason: one of the finest old-growth forest sites in Southwest Finland – the Pukkipalo primaeval forest area – lies along this route. If you want to see a forest that has developed without being disturbed by human hands, this is the best place to visit. Pukkipalo and the surrounding areas are in the Kurjenrahka National Park, so they will remain safe from the forester’s axe well into the future.

Around Kangenmiekka

The terrain along this circular route, which is mainly in the municipality of Rusko, is characterised by dry ridge pine forests and rugged rocks. The dry moorland is easy to walk, and the landscapes are open. The value of the thick ballast covering has also caught the eyes of builders, and the western side of the route contains some large gravel pits where walkers can stop for a swim on a hot summer’s day.


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