Around Kangenmiekka

Easy route

The terrain along this circular route, which is mainly in the municipality of Rusko, is characterised by dry ridge pine forests and rugged rocks. The dry moorland is easy to walk, and the landscapes are open. The value of the thick ballast covering has also caught the eyes of builders, and the western side of the route contains some large gravel pits where walkers can stop for a swim on a hot summer’s day. The route Around Kangenmiekka begins along Nummitie, which leads from Vahto to Lavamäki, near the swimming spot in Rusko. The route passes the Halkokannisto lean-to shelter, where walkers can stop to cook sausages or even stay overnight. There is a firewood shelter and a dry toilet near the lean-to shelter. The Käärmelähde spring is also located along the route, although the water purity is variable, so the water should be boiled before drinking it. The terrain is very easy to walk, with forest roads and paths and no significant elevation differences. Jogging shoes are suitable footwear as long as the ground is not frozen. The route is not maintained in the winter, and the car park is not cleared of snow in the winter.

Arrival instructions

Starting point at Nummitie 387, no public transport connection

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