Kareva Circular Route

Easy route

The Kareva Circular Route begins at the Masku’s Riviera on Ruskontie. The route is almost 12 km long, and the terrain is mainly pine barrens and bare rocks, except for the Karevansuo marsh, which is crossed on duckboards. Although the route passes through a populated area, the general impression is still surprisingly forested and natural. Naturally, as the route crosses a population centre, it is also necessary to walk along roads. The Kareva Circular Route shares a resting place with the Kullaa Trail at the Kullavuori lean-to shelter. In the summer, the route offers an excellent opportunity for swimming and stopping for coffee at the Masku’s Riviera gravel pit lake. The terrain on the route is easy, although there are frequent rocky outcrops that may be slippery in wet weather. Jogging shoes are fine in dry weather, and the route takes about four hours to walk.

Arrival instructions

Starting point at Ruskontie 45, by public transport Matkahuolto bus stops Ruskontie P or Ruskontie L

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