Haukkavuori Route

Easy route

The Haukkavuori Route is named after the Haukkavuori Ski Center in Riihikoski, where the back-and-forth route begins. The route is just over 10 km long, and it is also possible to start at the Kurjenpesä car park or the Kurjenportti car park on Säkyläntie at the eastern end of the route. At the start of the route, it is necessary to cross the busy Säkyläntie road.

The Haukkavuori Route passes by the Korppisaari campfire place and, halfway along the route, there is a short trail leading to the Honkasaari lean-to shelter, which is suitable for overnight stays. There is another lean-to shelter near the Haukkavuori Ski Center. The route passes some stunning raised bogs, traversed along duckboards, and rocky islets with pine woods. Part of the route is along forest roads surrounded by managed forests. The route is easy to follow and does not require any special hiking experience. In the autumn and after heavy rainfall, rubber boots are the best footwear option, and jogging shoes are fine in dry seasons. The route is not maintained in the winter. A complete back-and-forth trip on the Haukkavuori Route takes at least four hours, including breaks.

Arrival instructions

Western starting point at Kurjenrahka gate at Kuhankuonontie 70 and eastern starting point at Haukkavuorentie 43

By public transport western starting point Föli bus stop Kuhankuono P-area 8850 (according to summer timetables), or Matkahuolto bus stops Kuhankuono P or Kuhankuono E. Eastern starting point Matkahuolto stops Riihikoski th E or Riihikoski th P where walk to the starting point of the route is about 1.6 kilometers.

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