The Lake Savojärvi trail

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The Lake Savojärvi trail is the most popular route in the network. It is located almost entirely within Kurjenrahka National Park and, as its name suggests, it goes around Lake Savojärvi, in parts right along the shore and sometimes further away. The variety of marsh types to be found along this 6 km route is amazing, and the marsh sections have duckboards throughout. Along the way, the route also takes in gravel ridges shaped by the ice age and large islands populated by dark spruces in the middle of the marsh. There are resting places suitable for grilling sausages at Kurjenpesä and on the opposite side of Lake Savojärvi at Rantapiha. Both places are also suitable starting points for the route. In the summer, a regional bus (Föli) stops at Kurjenportti on Säkyläntie. There are drinking water points and places to camp at both Rantapiha and Kurjenpesä. On summer weekends, there is also a small kiosk shop and sauna at Rantapiha. The 1.7 km Karpalopolku, which has been renovated to create a demanding accessible route, begins at the Kurjenpesä car park. It is also suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs, although a helper is recommended in the latter case, as there are a few hills. There is an accessible dry toilet and cooking shelter at Kurjenpesä. Both starting points are cleared of snow in the winter, and in snowy winters, an 8 km cross-country skiing track is created by a snowmobile over Kurjenrahka marsh. There are hardly any elevation differences on the Lake Savojärvi trail, and it is suitable for walking in jogging shoes almost all year round as long as the ground is not frozen. Due to the many walkers, it is often possible to follow the path in snowy periods, although it is not officially cleared of snow. The route can be hiked in two hours, but it can easily take three hours if some extra time is taken to admire the scenery.

Arrival instructions

Starting point in the eastern part of the route at Kurjenrahka gate at Kuhankuonontie 70, and in the west starting point at Savojärventie 103
By public transport eastern starting point Föli bus stop Kuhankuono P-area 8850 (according to summer timetables), or Matkahuolto bus stops Kuhankuono P or Kuhankuono E 

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