Around Two Lakes

Easy route

The route Around Two Lakes passes Lakes Pyhäjärvi and Elijärvi. The path winds through managed forests and along forest roads, but it also takes in Pitkäkallio, a small area covered by the old-growth forest reserves programme. The Kattilakallio potholes are also located along the route. In the summer, walkers can stop for a swim at the Valasranta beach. Around Two Lakes covers a distance of about 10 km. The terrain is easy to walk, and at dry times of the year, jogging shoes are fine. In wetter seasons, boots are the safest choice. Sausages can be grilled at the Karjalepo campfire site, and there is dancing at Valasranta on summer weekends. The route begins at Valasranta, where there is also a car park. The car park is not cleared of snow in the winter. The route takes about three hours to walk, including breaks.

Arrival instructions

Starting point at Valasrannantie 354, by public transport the nearest bus stop is Valasranta th P where the walking route to the starting point is about 3,8 kilometers

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