The hike of Vajosuo Mire

Easy route

The hike on Vajosuo Mire is almost 30 km in length and is a two-day trip for many visitors, including more experienced hikers. As such, it is worth planning the route to ensure that you arrive at a lean-to shelter with sleeping space by the evening. In practice, the best starting points are Rantapiha or Kurjenpesä in the north and the Vajosuo car park in the south.

Along the way, the route passes the great marshlands of Kurjenrahka National Park, which are open and remain in a natural state – an impressive landscape in any season. The route also passes the Pukkipalo primaeval forest and Lake Savojärvi. Beyond the national park, the scenery alternates between managed forests and rural landscapes, and the route follows paths and roads.

There are three lean-to shelters suitable for overnight stays along the route. The lean-to shelters have fireplaces, firewood shelters and dry toilets. In addition, there is a modest hut near Vajosuo available for rent from April to October. Drinking water is available at Kurjenpesä and Rantapiha. Visitors can climb the nature towers at Vajosuo and Kurjenrahka to see the full expanse of the marshlands and spot cranes and other wetland species.

The elevation differences on the Vajosuo trek are small, and the terrain is not particularly challenging in terms of physical fitness or the equipment required. In the marsh sections, the path largely traverses duckboards. In dry periods, jogging shoes are fine, but when the autumn rainfall begins, it is recommended to use waterproof footwear that offers more support. The route is not maintained in the winter, although the starting points are cleared of snow.

Arrival instructions

Lähtöpiste reitin koillisosassa Kurjenrahkan portilla osoitteessa Kuhankuonontie 70, kaakkoisosassa Töykkälässä osoitteessa Vällintie 305, etelässä Vajosuolla osoitteessa Lavamäentie 832 ja pohjoisessa Rantapihalla osoitteessa Savojärventie 103
By public transport, the starting point of the north-eastern part is the Föli bus stop Kuhankuono P-area 8850 according to summer timetables), or the Matkahuolto bus stops Kuhankuono P or Kuhankuono E.

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