Trek of the Devil’s Church

Hard route

Long ago, the devil found himself a handsome rock suitable for his church along this route. This is a good description of the nature on this route. Steep rocks follow one after another, and the walker must be experienced and in good physical condition. Shoes with good grip are required. The Trek of the Devil’s Church is not recommended as the first hike for people who are unsteady on their feet. Another resting place on the route is Luolakallio. As its Finnish name (“Cave Rock”) implies, it contains a cave-like pocket under a rock overhang, making it possible for people to stay there overnight if they are comfortable in tight spaces. There is also a grill shelter and a dry toilet at Luolakallio. Another resting place along the route is the Soikeroinen lean-to shelter, which also has a grill, dry toilet and firewood shelter. For people arriving by car, the natural starting point is the Soikeroinen car park. The route is marked with orange bands, and it is not maintained in the winter. Upon departing from Soikeroinen, the walker can choose to follow a separate climbers’ tour that is 400 metres long. This short route takes the hiker high up onto the rocks and requires strong leg muscles. The Trek of the Devil’s Church is a round-trip route stretching 8 km in each direction. Due to the elevation differences, the route could take four hours to walk, or three if the walker chooses to turn back at the Luolakallio resting place.

Arrival instructions

Starting point Lietsantie 1 in the north and Raasinpurontie 267 in the south
By public transport northern starting point Matkahuolto bus stops Lietsantie E and Lietsantie P

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