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The Kullaa Trail is the most urban route in the network: one of the starting points is at the Kerttula sports centre in the town of Raisio. Nevertheless, many parts along the way remain in a natural state, especially in the Kullavuori nature reserve. The Kullaa Trail offers a diverse range of landscapes, including river views and beautiful farm scenery. The other starting point is at the Rusko Ski Center, which is about 700 metres from the circular trail itself. One stopping place along the Kullaa Trail is at the Kullavuori lean-to shelter, where there is also a dry toilet. There is also a nature trail and observation tower on Kullavuori hill. Another place to stop and cook sausages is at a campfire place by the reservoir named Haunisten allas, which can be accessed by a 100-metre path off the from circular route. The Hauninen resting place also has a firewood shelter and a dry toilet. The elevation differences are such that the route is classified as an intermediate route. Shoes with good grip are essential when walking over the rocks. The total length of the route is almost 13 km, and it takes at least four hours to walk.

Arrival instructions

Starting point in the north from Rusko ski resort, where guidance at Hujalantie 172, in the south starting point at Kisakatu 3.
By public transport Raisio city center stops Kerttula school 2058 or 2051  or Frälssi bus stops 2015 or 2016. From the Mylly shopping center bus stop walk through Myllynkatu-Vesilaitoksentie for about 1 kilometer to the route.

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