In Luontokapinetti, you will learn about the Earth, forests that cover it, swamps and their flora and fauna as well as the atmosphere that surrounds the Earth and the space beyond. You will learn about many things ranging from small bugs through human beings to the whole universe and the great wonder of nature! In our exhibition (600 m2 in area) you will not only encounter the elk’s ruggedness, cranes’ swamp, a frog’s leg and beautiful rocks, but also you will hear trees tell stories and learn about the history of the continental plates as well as listen to the squeaking noise of the Earth as it spins around its axle. In the energy room you will get the chance to produce energy yourself and use all sorts of gadgets and widgets. In the nearby forest, you can follow a time trail that takes you on a time travel. You will learn about the geological development of the bedrock of Southwest Finland starting with 1.9 billion-year-old rock and finishing with the present moment at the top of an observation tower.


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